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Hurricane Approved Specifications
Approved for 200+ Hurricane Winds.
How to Determine the Correct Slat: Our shutters are tested and approved in accordance with all current certification authorities to provide hurricane protection. Our shutters pass all current state codes for hurricane protection.

We are approved by:
* Dade County * FBC (Florida Building Code) * TDI (Texas Department of Insurance)
Deciding how to select the right shutter for your application.

Currently there are numerous wind load specifications established and accepted by different counties through out the U.S. There is no single adopted windload chart accepted, so each installation needs to check with the local county, state, or governing body to establish the correct wind load table. Check with your local building inspector for the applicable code.

QMI does not provide, or specify for construction, design criteria for windload design pressure specifications for any structure. This is only done by a qualified licensed structural engineer.

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